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Advances in Molecular Retrovirology
Editor Shailendra K. Saxena
ISBN 978-953-51-2261-6
198 pages, March, 2016
"This book gives a comprehensive overview of recent advances in Retrovirology, as well as general concepts of molecular biology of retroviral infections, immunopathology, diagnosis, and prevention, to current clinical recommendations in management of retroviruses, including endogenous retroviruses, highlighting the ongoing issues, recent advances, with future directions in diagnostic approaches and therapeutic strategies."


Current Issues in Molecular Virology - Viral Genetics and Biotechnological Applications
Editor Victor Romanowski
ISBN 978-953-51-1207-5
294 pages, November, 2013
"This book is a collection of chapters dealing with examples of RNA and DNA viruses, and issues such as how these gene packages have learnt to take advantage of their hosts, molecular recognition events that hosts may use to counterattack the viruses, and how researchers have developed strategies to use viruses or their parts as tools for different purposes."


Molecular Virology
Editor Moses P. Adoga
ISBN 978-953-51-0369-1
180 pages, March, 2012
This book covers various aspects of Molecular Virology.





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