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Medical Biotechnology

Biomedical Tissue Culture
Editor Luca Ceccherini-Nelli and Barbara Matteoli
ISBN 978-953-51-0788-0
248 pages, October, 2012
This book describes many aspects of tissue culture models in an extensive manner. The book includes many topics like, the development of cultural methods to produce massive neuronal syncytial connections and induce their fusion with formation of bi- and multinucleated cells, the applicability in research of cell lines derived from the cultivation of placenta derived cells and cell populations with properties of progenitor/stem cells, the procedures that may be used to regenerate cartilage tissue with appropriate mechanical properties, the improvements made in the use of cell culture for virus isolation, tissue-based models for HCV replication in vitro, cultures to study the pathogenicity of enteropathogenic bacteria, the use of viral DNA and cDNA Array in the diagnosis of respiratory tract infections (RTI) in comparison with routine diagnosis methods."

Applying an Implementation Science Approach to Genomic Medicine:
Workshop Summary ( 2016 )
Siobhan Addie, Steve Olson, and Sarah H. Beachy, Rapporteurs; Roundtable on Translating Genomic-Based Research for Health; Board on Health Sciences Policy ; Health and Medicine Division ; National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine

"Although it is becoming increasingly more common for clinicians to use genomic data in their practices for disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, the process of integrating genomic data into the practice of medicine has been a slow and challenging one. Some of the major barriers impeding the incorporation of new genomic technology into clinical practice are: the difficulty of changing routine medical practices to account for the use of genetic testing, the limited knowledge of patients and providers about genomic medicine, assessing sufficient evidence to support the use of genetic tests, privacy and data security issues, and uncertainty about reimbursement."

Stem Cells
Stem Cell Therapies: Opportunities for Ensuring the Quality and Safety of Clinical Offerings: Summary of a Joint Workshop
NAP 2014
Gene Therapy
Gene Therapy - Tools and Potential Applications
Editor Francisco Martin Molina
ISBN 978-953-51-1014-9
754 pages, February, 2013
"The Gene Therapy field is living exciting times after more than 20 years of poor results. Scientist and clinicians working in the gene therapy field have encountered many problems in the past that are now starting to be solved. The development of safer and more efficient gene transfer vectors and the advances on the cell therapy field have open new opportunities to tackle different diseases."
Personalized Medicine

Biomarker Tests for Molecularly Targeted Therapies:
Key to Unlocking Precision Medicine (2016)
"Every patient is unique, and the evolving field of precision medicine aims to ensure the delivery of the right treatment to the right patient at the right time. In an era of rapid advances in biomedicine and enhanced understanding of the genetic basis of disease, health care providers increasingly have access to advanced technologies that may identify molecular variations specific to an individual patient, which subsequently can be targeted for treatment. Known as biomarker tests for molecularly targeted therapies, these complex tests have the potential to enable the selection of the most beneficial treatment (and also to identify treatments that may be harmful or ineffective) for the molecular underpinnings of an individual patient's disease. Such tests are key to unlocking the promise of precision medicine."
NAP 2016

Genome-Based Therapeutics: Targeted Drug Discovery and Development: Workshop Summary
NAP 2012
  Genome-Based Diagnostics: Clarifying Pathways to Clinical Use: Workshop Summary
NAP 2012




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