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Kimball's Biology Pages
Comprehensive online general biology text; grouped by category: behavior, biochemistry, cancer, cell biology, chemistry, diversity of life, DNA and RNA, ecology, embryonic development, evolution, general science, genetics, immunology, molecules, physiology, plant biology.

Current Progress in Biological Research
Editor Marina Silva-Opps
ISBN 978-953-51-1097-2
394 pages, April, 2013

"Current Progress in Biological Research presents new insights into key topics from different areas of the biological sciences. Some of the topics covered in the book are antibiotic susceptibility, genomic rearrangement, historical biogeography, biogeographic patterns, endemism and the use of microorganisms for pest control."

  General Biology

Biology (openstax college)
Senior Contributors:
Yael Avissar, Rhode Island College, Cell Biology
Jung Choi, Georgia Institute of Technology, Genetics
Jean DeSaix, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Evolution
Vladimir Jurukovski, Suffolk County Community College, Animal Physiology
Robert Wise, University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh, Plant Biology
Connie Rye, East Mississippi Community College, General Content Lead

"Biology is grounded in an evolutionary basis and includes exciting features that highlight careers in the biological sciences and everyday applications of the concepts at hand. To meet the needs of today's instructors and students, some topics have been condensed and combined; for example, phylogenetic trees are presented in the various ways they are currently being developed by scholars, so instructors can adapt their teaching to the approach that works best in their classroom. The book also includes an innovative art program that incorporates critical thinking and clicker questions to help students understand-and apply-key concepts."

  Online Biology Book
Comprehensive Introduction to basic biological princiiples by Michael J. Farabee.
  Inspired by Biology: From molecules to materials to machines
This book presents a discussion of principles governing biomaterial design, a description of advanced materials for selected functions such as energy and national security, an assessment of biomolecular materials research tools, and an examination of infrastructure and resources for bridging biological and materials science.
  A New Biology for the 21st Century
NAP 2009
Molecular Biology Molecular Biology Web Book
Introduction to molecular biology.
The Molecules of Life
Interactive introduction explaining the background to the work done in the Laboratory of Molecular Biophysics (University of Oxford).
Cell Biology

Cell Biology
pdf Version
Print Version


Current Frontiers and Perspectives in Cell Biology
Editor Stevo Najman
ISBN 978-953-51-0544-2
574 pages, April, 2012

"The current frontiers, on the manner in which they described in the book, can be a good inspiration to many readers for further improving, and perspectives which are highlighted can be seen in many areas of fundamental biology, biomedicine, biotechnology and other applications of knowledge of cell biology."

Developmental Biology Virtual World of Development
Tutorial focusing on embryonic development.
Synthetic Biology Positioning Synthetic Biology to Meet the Challenges of the 21st Century: Summary Report of a Six Academies Symposium Series
NAP 2013
  The Science and Applications of Synthetic and Systems Biology: Workshop Summary
NAP 2011
  Synthetic Biology: Building a Nation's Inspiration: Interdisciplinary Research Team Summaries
NAP 2010

Microbiology in Agriculture and Human Health
Editor Mohammad Manjur Shah
ISBN 978-953-51-2144-2
140 pages, July, 2015
"Microbiology involves the study of microscopic living organisms. Most of them are unicellular and all the life processes are performed by a single cell. They are associated with the health and welfare of human beings. Among the biological sciences, microbiology has established itself a place in the current century. Microorganisms also provide experimental models in various research activities, and an answer to numerous fundamental questions in genetics / metabolism, cell form and function."





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