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Alexis, Carrel, Christa, Dotcom & Millie : the first pigs cloned from adult cells (PPL Therapeutics)

Yanyuan: the first goat cloned from adult cells (Northwest University of Agriculture, Forestry Science and technology, China)

Tetra: the first Rhesus monkey 'cloned' by embryo splitting technique

Xena: Japanese research group cloned a pig (black Chinese Meishan) from fetal skin cells

The first mouflon was cloned from adult cells (University of Teramo, Italy)

Suzi & Mayzi: Australian's first cloned cows

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Noah: the first species of an endagered species (gaur) was cloned (Advanced Cell Technologies)

Australia's first cloned pig (BreaGen Ltd.)

The first rabbits were cloned from adult cells (National Institute of Agricultural Research, France)

CopyCat (or Carbon Copy ): the first cloned domestic animal



The first banteng (bos javanicus) was cloned from adult cells (Advanced Cell Technologies, Trans Ova Genetics)

Idaho Gem: the first mule was cloned from a mule fetus (University of Idaho)

Prometea: first horse cloned from adult cells (Consortium for Zootechnical Improvement, Italy)

Ditteaux: the first African wildcat (Felis silvestris) was cloned from adult cells (Audubon Center for Research of Endagered Species)

Dewey: first deer cloned from adult cells (Texas A&M University, ViaGen, Inc.)



Tabouli & Baba Ganoush: the first cat cloned by chromatin transfer technology (Genetic Savings & Clone)

South Korean scientists cloned 30 human embryos and developed them over several days to the blastocyst stage.



Snuppy (Seoul National University puppy): the first cloned dog

Arctic Wolf (Canis lupus arctos) was cloned by South Korean scientists. The wolves were called Snuwolf and Snuwolffy




Iranian doctors said they have cloned a sheep. The lamb died minutes after birth. It was the first animal cloning in Iran.

First cloned ferrets (Libby and Lilly) by somatic cell nuclear transfer



South Korean Scientists have cloned two females of an endangered species of wolf named Snuwolf and Snuwolffy



Snuppy has become a father after the world's first sucessful breeding involving only cloned canines (Seoul National University).



the first cloned camel (Injaz) was born at Dubai's Camel Reproduction Center

the first buffalo calf was born at NDRI, Karmal (India)

Iran's first cloned goat was born in Isfahan

for the first time an extinct animal (bucardo, or Pyrenean ibex) was cloned (the clone died minutes after birth)



A South Korean team claimed to have cloned coyotes for the first time

Scientists from the State Key Laboratories for Agrobiotechnology (China Agricultural University) have successfully introduces human genes into 300 Holstein cows to produce human-like milk

First Brazilian Brahman clone was born



The world's first transgenic sheep produced with a simplified technique (handmade cloning) was born in China.



Mitalipov and colleagues have used somatic cell nuclear transfer to create a human embryo




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