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the "long" way to modern biotechnology

ancient biotechnology

the beginning    
forest gardening:
  prehistoric land use in tropical and monsoon regions
neolithic revolution
12,000 BC
ancient Eastern Mediterranean:
first cultivation of crops (wheat)
8,500 BC
domestication of animals
~8.000 BC
Mesopotamia: : the cradle of human civilization
ancient biotechnology
natural fermentation

7,000 BC

ancient China:
first evidence of alcoholic beverages
    ancient region of Iran:
evidence of beer brewing
6,000 BC
prehistoric Georgia:
first evidence of wine production
yogurt and cheese
4,000 BC
ancient Egypt:
3,000 BC
ancient Peru:
selection of potatoes with the lowest levels of poisons
ancient medical biotechnology
ancient Egypt:
use of intra-vaginal contraceptives from natural resources
500 BC
ancient China:
moldy soybean curds used as an antibiotic .
100 BC
Chinese use chrysanthemum as a natural insecticide
earlyist discovery of industrial biotechnology
3,000 BC
ancient Egypt:
production of papyrus with the help of microorganisms from nile water
Aztecs harvested algae from lakes as a food source




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