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AsedaSciences AG drug discovery biotech companies in Switzerland Schwyz  
Ashfield Meetings & Events conferences and events UK biotech companies East Midlands  
Asociación Española de Bioempresas (ASEBIO) biotechnology industry organization Madrid  
Association of Biotechnology Led Enterprises biotechnology industry organization Karnataka  
Astarte Biologics, Inc.
cell lines
contract research
AstraZeneca plc  biopharmaceuticals UK biotech companies London  
Astrocyte Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
drug development
small-molecule drugs
Assure Lifescience Pvt. Ltd.. drug manufacturing biotech companies India Delhi  
Aten Biotech Pvt. Ltd. plant breeding Karnataka  
Athena Vision Ltd. gene therapy UK biotech companies London  
Atherotech Diagnostics Lab. clinical reference laboratory Alabama  
Athersys, Inc. stem cell therapy US biotechnology companies Ohio  
Audentes Therapeutics, Inc.  gene therapy US biotechnology companies California  
Aurigene Discovery Technologies Ltd. drug discovery Karnataka  
Aurinia Pharmaceuticals, Inc. drug development Canadian pharma industry British Columbia  
Auro Laboratories Ltd. contract manufacturing Maharashtra  
Aurobindo Pharma Ltd.        
AusBiotech biotechnology industry organization Victoria  
Avalanche Biotechnologies, Inc. gene therapy US biotechnology companies California  
Avanir Pharmaceuticals, Inc. biopharmaceutical company      
Avt Biotechnology
(L.J. International Ltd.)
contract production
contract research
plant tissue culture
Axerion Therapeutics, Inc. therapeutics for neurological diseases Connecticut  
Axil Scientific Pte Ltd      
AxioMx Inc. recombinant antibody development Connecticut  
Axol Bioscience Ltd.
East England  






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