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GBCD: biotech and pharmaceutical companies in Florida, USA
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"Florida is home to a large and diverse bioscience industry with nearly 79,000 jobs that span 5,476 business establishments. The state has a specialized employment concentration in the bioscience-related distribution subsector and is highly concentrated in agricultural feedstock and chemicals. Strong job growth in Florida's research, testing, and medical labs subsector has offset job losses in other areas with overall bioscience employment being flat since 2007. Florida's research universities conducted more than $1.2 billion in bioscience-related R&D in 2012, placing the state among the top tier. The state also stands out in its level of bioscience patenting with nearly 4,300 issued to Florida inventers since 2009. Key patent classes for the state cut across multiple focus areas including medical devices, drugs and pharmaceuticals, and the agricultural biosciences."

Battelle/BIO State Biosciences Jobs, Investments and Innovation 2014

  State of the Industry Report: Fall 2015 (pdf)
  "The expansion of Florida's biotech industry remains resilient with an overall growth rate of 92% in the number of companies over the past 7 years. In contrast, the national growth rate in the number of biotech companies has been 43.6% during the same period. The state is currently home to 262 biotech companies representing more than 10% of the nation's biotechnology enterprises. Florida's life science venture funding has started strong in 2015 with $79.3M raised in the first half of the year, an amount nearly equal to the $86.1M seen in all of 2014. Four regions in Florida accounted for 99% of the $597M of the life science VC funds from 2008 to 2014: South Florida (42%), Alachua/Gainesville (22%), Greater Orlando (20%) and Greater Tampa Bay (15%). The continued growth of Florida's emerging bioscience industry and the ongoing recognition by VC firms inside as well as outside of Florida should contribute to an increase in future venture deals to our state."
State of the Industry Report (2014)
  "Florida's biotechnology industry has grown by more than 75 percent over the past six years with a 10 percent increase in 2013."  
  Florida Life Sciences (pdf)    
  "Over the past decade, Florida has leapt ahead of the competition to establish itself as the new location for life sciences innovation and industry growth. Florida is now home to world renowned biomedical research institutes; more than 1,100 biotech, pharmaceutical, and medical device companies; and a foundation of more than 46,000 healthcare establishments."  




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