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GBCD: biotech and pharmaceutical companies in California, USA
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  "California holds a unique position in the worldwide life sciences community. Golden State companies are leaders, producing some of the world’s most innovative therapies and diagnostics. In turn, these corporations have made the state’s life sciences industry an economic juggernaut. Just a few statistics from 2013 bear that out, as the industry produced:
  • $101 billion in total revenues
  • $27.4 billion in total wages
  • $101,540 in average wages
  • $3.8 billion in venture capital investment"

California Biomedical Industry Report 2015
© 2014 California Healthcare Institute / pwc


"Of the 2,490 biomedical companies in California, 2,252 are privately held. These are mostly small, innovative startups working to bring promising new technologies to the marketplace. It's a tough road, but their success is a key driver of economic growth."

California Biomedical Industry Report 2014
© 2013 California Healthcare Institute / pwc


" California has the largest bioscience industry employment base among states with more than 235,000 jobs or 15 percent of the national sector. The state has a specialized concentration in the biosciences with a 28 percent greater concentration of industry jobs relative to the national average. This includes a specialization in three of the five major subsectors including: medical devices and equipment; research, testing, and medical labs; and drugs and pharmaceuticals. These three specialized subsectors have all added jobs over the 2007 to 2012 period and contributed to 5 percent employment growth in the state bioscience sector. California is a national leader in several other performance metrics including bioscience venture capital investments at over $19 billion since 2009; NIH funding awarded to state institutions at $3.3 billion; and academic bioscience R&D expenditures at $5.1 billion. California's large bioscience research infrastructure has yielded nearly 30,000 patents since 2009."

Battelle/BIO State Biosciences Jobs, Investments and Innovation 2014


Biotechnology in California (Apr. 2013), pdf

State of California
Employment Development Department (EDD)

  Sector Profile Biotechnology (pdf)      
  The Dynamics of California's Biotechnology Industry (2005), (pdf)      




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