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GBCD: biotech and pharmaceutical companies in Alabama, USA
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" With more than 550 bioscience establishments, Alabama is home to companies spanning all sub-sectors of the biotech industry including agriculture, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, hospitals, research testing & medical labs."



" Bioscience industry employment in Alabama totaled nearly 13,000 in 2012 across 662 state business establishments. The state has a specialized employment concentration in the agricultural feedstock and chemicals subsector with 64 percent more jobs in the subsector relative to its private sector compared with the national average (location quotient of 1.64). Alabama has a strong focus in bioscience-related academic R&D expenditures relative to other fields with 71 percent of R&D in the life sciences compared with 61 percent, on average, for the U.S. Since 2009, state bioscience companies have received $93.9 million in venture capital funding with the vast majority focused in health IT/software and medical diagnostics."

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