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Global Biotech Company Directory: UK

Global Biotech Company Directory

United Kingdom


UK life sciences industry

GBCD: biotech and pharmaceutical companies in the United Kingdom (UK)
  Overview about the UK biotech and pharmaceutical industry. To navigate through the directory, please use the left (alphabetic listing) or the right (regions) side bar.  

"About 10 percent of global pharmaceutical R&D is performed in UK laboratories, the third-largest share, behind the U.S. (50 percent) and Japan (15 percent)."
Deloitte: 2015 life sciences outlook - United Kingdom


"As a firmly established global centre for life sciences, the UK has strong representation across all three subsectors: pharmaceutical, medical technology and biotechnology. The sector comprises of almost 5,000 companies employing 176,000 people. UK life sciences companies generate £52bn in turnover which represents approximately 6% of world market sales."
Life sciences industry and UK analysis
Sept., 2014
London Stansted Cambridge Consortium


"The UK life sciences industry is composed of over 300 pharmaceutical companies and 4,500 medical technology/biotechnology companies with an annual turnover of around 50 billion.33 Leading regions/clusters in terms of number of companies and annual turnover are east/southeast of England (London, Cambridge and Oxford often referred to as the "Golden Triangle"), northwest of England (Manchester and Liverpool) and central Scotland."
Mizuho Industry Focus Vol. 122
Life Sciences and Biotechnology Industry Clusters in Europe (Feb., 2013)


"... the UK life science industry has continued to show strength and resilience. In 2012 it is comprised of over 4,500 companies, employs around 167,500 people (1,500 more than in 2011) and generates a turnover of over £50bn."
Strength and Opportunity 2012
The landscape of the medical technology, medical biotechnology,industrial biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors in the UK (Dec,, 2012)





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