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Västra Götaland > ABC

K Blekinge
W Dalarna
X Gävleborg
I Gotland
N Halland
Z Jämtland
F Jönköping
H Kalmar
G Kronoberg
BD Norrbotten
T Örebro
E Östergötland
M Skåne
D Södermanland
AB Stockholm
C Uppsala
S Värmland
AC Västerbotten
U Västmanland
Y Västernorrland
O Västra Götaland

"... the region* is a leading centre for clinical research in Sweden and home to about 450 different companies in the life sciences. Stem cell research, cell therapy and regenerative medicine are other areas in which the Gothenburg region is at the forefront, as are the fields of cardiovascular and metabolic medicine and vaccination."

* Gothenburg region

Business Region Götborg AB







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