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biotech industry in Gujarat
States and Union Territories*
AN Andaman and Nicobar*
AP Andhra Pradesh
AR Arunachal Pradesh
AS Assam
BR Bihar
CH Chandigarh*
CT Chhattisgarh
DN Dadra and Nagar Haveli*
DD Daman and Diu*
DL Delhi*
GA Goa
GJ Gujarat
HR Haryana


Himachal Pradesh


Jammu and Kashmir
JH Jharkhand
KA Karnataka
KL Kerala
LD Lakshadweep'
MP Madhya Pradesh
MH Maharashtra
MN Manipur
ML Meghalaya
MZ Mizoram
NL Nagaland
OR Odisha
(formerly Orissa)
PY Puducherry*
PB Punjab
RJ Rajasthan
SK Sikkim
TN Tamil Nadu
TG Telangana
TR Tripura
UT Uttaranchal
UP Uttar Pradesh
WB West Bengal
GBCD: biotech and pharmaceutical companies in Gujarat
  To see an alphabetic list of biotech and pharmaceutical companies in Gujarat, please click on the ABC-link above. To navigate through the Indian biotech directory, please use the left (alphabetic listing) or the right (Indian states and union territories) side bar.      
reports: Analytical Report on Biotechnology and Life Science Companies in Gujarat (pdf)      
Gujarat State Biotechnology Mission: "The State Government of Gujarat, in its resolve and continued endeavors for socio-economic up-liftment of society, has identified Biotechnology as most potential tool for development. The State intends to promote biotechnology sector by building appropriate image, encouraging entrepreneurship, strengthening organizational colorations and forecasting business partnerships. For facilitating the development of biotechnology in the State, Government of Gujarat has constituted Gujarat State Biotechnology Mission, under the aegis of Department of Science and Technology..."  
Initiatives: Genetic Diagnostic Centre (GenDiCe)      


Gujarat Biodiversity Gene Bank (BioGene)      
  Gujarat Genomics Initiative (GGI)      
  LeoGen: A Wildlife Conservation Biotechnology Initiative of Government of Gujarat      
Marine Bio-Resource Centre (MBRC)      
  Shivrath Center of Excellence in Clinical Research      
  The Virtual Institute of Bioinformatics (BITVirtual)      




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