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biotech and pharma industry in India
States and Union Territories
AN Andaman and Nicobar
AP Andhra Pradesh
AR Arunachal Pradesh
AS Assam
BR Bihar
CH Chandigarh
CT Chhattisgarh
DN Dadra and Nagar Haveli
DD Daman and Diu
DL Delhi
GA Goa
GJ Gujarat
HR Haryana
HP Himachal Pradesh
JK Jammu and Kashmir
JH Jharkhand
KA Karnataka
KL Kerala
LD Lakshadweep
MP Madhya Pradesh
MH Maharashtra
MN Manipur
ML Meghalaya
MZ Mizoram
NL Nagaland
OR Odisha
PY Pundicherry
PB Punjab
RJ Rajasthan
SK Sikkim
TN Tamil Nadu
TG Telangana
TR Tripura
UT Uttaranchal
UP Uttar Pradesh
WB West Bengal
GBCD: biotech and pharmaceutical companies in India
  Overview about the Indian biotech and pharmaceutical industry. To navigate through the directory, please use the left (alphabetic listing) or the right states and union territories) side bar.  
  Biotechnology in India is an emerging industry with a highly educated community of scientists and researchers, strong government support and a growing infrastructure base. India is expected to generate revenues of nearly $12 billion by 2017. The annual growth rate for the Indian bioeconomy is predicted to 22%.  

"India's pharmaceutical sales were an estimated $18.3 billion in 2013. They are forecast to rise an average of 10.3 percent annually in 2014-18 (in nominal local-currency terms) to reach $33.8 billion."

Deloitte: 2015 life sciences outlook - India


"Though the (biotechnology) industry is concentrated in Bangalore and Hyderabad, it extends across the country and includes more than 350 companies working not only in the area of vaccines and biopharmaceuticals, but also agricultural biotechnology, industrial biotechnology, bioservices, and bioinformatics. It includes homegrown enterprises that have demonstrated success on the global stage, as well as global multinationals attracted to India because of its location, costs, available talent, and market, which will become more attractive as prosperity in the country spreads."

Accelerating Growth: Forging India's Bioeconomy (2014, pdf)
Report by Burrill Media with support from the Biotechnology Industry Organization and the Association of Biotechnology Led Enterprises.


"The booming Indian biotech industry grew at a CAGR of 18.5 % in FY 20011-12 and generated total revenues of Rs 20440.7 crore (US$ 3,766 million). Indian biotech industry has been growing at a double-digit rate over the last five years (CAGR 19.2%, 2007-2012). The year-on-year growth of the biotech market is expected to accelerate driven by high demand for vaccines, biopesticides, biofertilizers, biodiesel, biotherapeutics and medical devices in India as well as at the global level. Exports revenue for 2011-12 was estimated to be Rs. 9,841.5 crore (US$ 1,813 million) and registered a growth of 11% over FY 2010-11."

Biotechnology Landscape in India (pdf)
Department of Biotechnology (DBT) / Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI)



population 1,251,695,584 (07/2015)    
  land area 2,973,193 sq km    
GDP $2.051 trillion (2014)    
  GDP per capita $5,800 (2014) source: World Factbook  
  India has the world's largest hectarage of cotton, and accounts for 46% of the total biotech cotton area planted globally. In 2014, Bt cotton was planted in 11.6 million hectares in India. source: ISAAA  
  Market share of Indian biotech segments:

64% biopharma
18% services
14% agriculture
03% industrial biotech
01% bioinformatics

Biotechnology in India
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