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Global Biotech Company Directory: Spain

Global Biotech Company Directory


Communities & Cities
AND Andalucia
ARA Aragon
AST Asturias
BAL Baleares
CEU Ceuta
CAN Canarias
CAT Cantabria
CLM Castilla-La Mancha
CM Castilla y Leon
CAL Cataluna
CV Comunidad Valenciana
EXT Extremadura
GAL Galicia
LR La Rioja
MAD Madrid
MEL Melilla
MUR Murcia
NAV Navarra
PV Pais Vasco
GBCD: biotech and pharmaceutical companies in Spain
  Overview about the Spanish biotech and pharmaceutical industry. To navigate through the directory, please use the left (alphabetic listing) or the right (Communities & Cities) side bar.  
"In 2011, the Spanish biotech sector comprised 3,025 companies that carry out biotechnology activities and 660 companies focused primarily or exclusively on biotechnology (hereinafter biotech companies). A total of 202,250 professionals work in the sector, which generates revenue of € 74,069 million. Biotech companies (those whose principal activity is biotechnology) invoiced € 8,343 million..."
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