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GBCD: biotech and pharmaceutical companies in British Columbia
  To see an alphabetic list of biotech and pharmaceutical companies in BC, please click on the ABC-link above. To navigate through the Canadian biotech directory, please use the left (alphabetic listing) or the right (Canadian provinces and territories) side bar.  


  " Innovations in life sciences have an ability to transform health systems, create skilled jobs, and grow a knowledgebased economy. Annually, the life sciences sector in British Columbia (BC) employs almost 180,000 people and contributes $14.4 B to BC's gross domestic product (GDP) while contributing $606 M in direct tax (based on 2014 figures). Impressively, the life sciences sector has continued to grow over the past five years with increases in all areas including: direct employment, annual wages, payroll impact, and BC taxes paid. It is important to note the unique attributes of the life sciences sector as distinct from the high tech sector, which it is occasionally included as a subgroup of. Specifically, the maturity of the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical product lifecycle requires a lengthy clinical trials period (pre-clinical, phase 1, phase 2, and phase 3) to determine safety and efficacy in patients before commercial sales begin. The clinical trials phases create gating opportunities for investors to determine risk level before investments are made but also lengthens the return on investment timeline versus the high tech sector."  

The Life Sciences Sector in BC Economic Impact Now and in the Future (October 2015: pdf)
pwc / LifeSciences British Columbia





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