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biotech and pharmaceutical companies in Argentina

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BA Buenos Aires
BC Buenos Aires Capital Federal*
CAT Catamarca
CHA Chaco
CHU Chubut
COR Cordoba
CRR Corrientes
ER Entre Rios
FOR Formosa
JUJ Jujuy
LP La Pampa
LR La Rioja
Men Mendoza
MIS Misiones
NEU Neuquen
RN Rio Negro
SAL Salta
SJ San Juan
SL San Luis
SC Santa Cruz
SF Santa Fe
SE Santiago del Estero
TF Tierra del Fuego
ANT Antartida e Islas del Atlantico Sur
TUC Tucuman
*federal district
GBCD: biotech and pharmaceutical companies in Argentina
  Overview about the Argentinian biotech and pharmaceutical industry. To navigate through the directory, please use the left (alphabetic listing) or the right (provinces) side bar.  



"Argentina's 2013 pharmaceutical sales were estimated at $6.6 billion.Continued inflation is expected to stunt pharmaceutical sales in 2014-15 - sales in U.S. dollar terms are projected to contract by 10 percent in 2014 and grow only marginally in 2015. If a change of government in 2016 improves economic policy and helps to control inflation, average annual sales growth should improve to around 5 percent in 2016-18 (assuming depreciation of approximately 10 percent a year). By 2018, total pharmaceutical sales are expected to reach $6.9 billion."
Deloitte: 2015 life sciences outlook - Argentina





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