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Biotechnology Information Directory & Online Marketing for the Life Sciences Community
Over the past view years there was a tremendous increase in bioscientific information on the World Wide Web and it continues to grow at staggering rates. As biotechnology information directory for the life sciences community, ArgosBiotech is focusing on all aspects and areas of modern biotechnology and related fields. acts as a gateway to worldwide biotech which opens up resources to the best free available biotechnology information.  

The Global Biotech Company Directory (GBCD) is a human edited and reviewed directory of companies with a main focus on modern biotechnology and related fields. The biotech industry directory is organized into three main sections (name, segmet, country) and includes a directory of defunct biotechnology companies

Directory of Biotech and Life Sciences Publications with free access to content. . Currently we have listed more than 1000 journals and magazines.


ArgosBiotech provides an overview about the most comprehensive biotechnology

on the web.

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education & ethics

New developments in biological and medical sciences have raised important ethical issues and stimulated bioethical debates.

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ArgosBiotech provides specific information about the development of regional biotech industries and the respective research base:

  • Asia
    China and India are on its way to become leading biotech nations.
short historical timeline of: Focus on current topics:

The family of X-omes and X-omics:
The explosion of new technologies and discoveries in the field of genomics propelled the creation of new members of the X-omes and X-omics family (complete list).





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